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Like all Charities, we need support from a variety of areas in order to continue to help young people and we are grateful for the support that we receive. If you are interested in becoming involved in the work that we do or would like to support us, there are a few ways that you can do so:


We hold a variety of fundraising events throughout the year to raise money for the charity. For more information on upcoming events or to become involved please contact

You can also set up your own fundraising page through and raise money for the Trust independently. Visit our justgiving page to get started


If you would like to support the work that we do, you can donate to the Trust in the following ways:

Cheque – make cheques payable to Helping Hands Trust Limited, and post it to Helping Hands Trust Limited, Building 1000 Kings Reach Yew Street Stockport SK42HG

Online donations – visit our justgiving page to donate online via the button below.

Donate with JustGiving and PayPal


The Helping Hands Trust has become a founding sponsor of an emerging multi-chain academy trust – Bright Tribe Trust.

Helping Hands trustees are excited about the strong values and education philosophy Bright Tribe will bring to academies that join its network.

As well as a core emphasis on school improvement, we strongly believe in Bright Tribe’s personalised learning and whole-school design approach. Its focus on every child achieving their own individual potential to develop exceptional and ‘extraordinary’ people is a powerful concept that resonates with the objects of Helping Hands Trust.

Our trustees will work closely with Bright Tribe to develop additional funding routes to provide extra support to young people who need extra help to become ‘extraordinary’, or to create opportunities for them to have experiences they would not ordinarily be able to enjoy.




  • Mike-Dwan

    Michael Dwan

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    Michael is the Managing Partner of Equity Solutions Group, a leading multi-disciplined infrastructure business investing in projects and partnerships that make a difference – in health and social care, education and the community. During his 25 years of working in partnership with the public sector, Michael has created and invested in over £4bn of assets and is recognised as a key influencer and a leading innovator in the public / private arena. He has been actively involved with several government departments, HM Treasury and key policy advisers, providing strategic input and in developing new funding structures for education and health projects. Michael is the founding trustee of Helping Hands Trust, which he helped to establish in 2008. Helping Hands is a founding sponsor of Bright Tribe Trust and Adventure Learning Academy Trust, two multi-academy trusts that operate in the North West, South West and Suffolk. Michael’s personal interest in education is focused on supporting education enterprises to help students of all abilities achieve their learning potential and aspirations. This belief led to him founding My World Trust, a charitable trust dedicated to helping children achieve their education potential through championing personal learning pathways.

  • Amanda Dwan

    Amanda Dwan

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    Amanda is a founding trustee and works to support the Trust’s objectives and fundraising activities.

  • Terry Flanagan

    Terry Flanagan

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    Terry Flanagan is well known for his active fundraising in Oldham as private-sector liaison and deputy chair of Mahdlo Youth Zone as well as being a world-renowned Rugby League star. As he was developing a glittering career in rugby, he also had a construction job, went on to work on oil rigs and, hungry for a new challenge, co-founded what has now become one of the largest mobile communications consultancies on the planet, with a multi-million pound turnover. After taking early retirement, Terry now has a high-profile role as lead fundraiser for Mahdlo and invests in small start-ups such as Commando Joe’s a fun and fitness programme for kids.

  • Richard Parkinson

    Richard Parkinson

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    Richard founded the law firm Turner Parkinson in 1995.  He was identified as one of the regional entrepreneurs to watch in North West Insider’s “42 Under 42” and is noted for his “‘bright ideas’, and as ‘always looking for solutions not problems’” (Legal 500 2012). Richard specialises in corporate and strategic projects especially acquisitions and disposals, private equity and venture capital transactions, shareholder disputes, partnership disputes and is also heavily involved with the firm’s TP People service.  He also provides an outsourced general counsel service to a number of large, privately held groups. Richard is a trusted business adviser to his clients and advises some of the largest and best known businesses and most successful entrepreneurs in the North West.

  • Jessica Dwan

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    Jessica works to support the Trust’s objectives and fundraising activities.

  • Olivia Dwan

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    Olivia works to support the Trust’s objectives and fundraising activities.


Our Work

Since our establishment, we have been able to offer assistance to a wide variety of people in many different ways. Our aim has always been to offer support as a helping hand that will enable education or learning or assist in improving quality of life.

Our support has mainly focused on young people.

As well as working in the United Kingdom, we have also been able to extend our support to selected projects overseas. Some examples of the type and scope of support we provide are detailed here.

United Kingdom

Scholarship Funding

Since our establishment we have been able to provide funding for a selection of gifted and talented young people that were presenting exceptional promise but were unable to meet all of their school fees. Our funding in these instances has proven to be a fantastic investment in the futures of these young people, who are now succeeding with their studies.

Bursary Funding

In 2008, we established a bursary fund on behalf of the schools that are affiliated to the Trust. This allows the schools to make small, immediate donations to students that are in need as a result of hardship or challenging backgrounds. Since it’s inception a number of students have been able to benefit in small but rewarding way which has enhanced their learning experience.

Furthering a Student’s Public Speaking Ambitions

We were delighted to offer funding to a student of one of our affiliated schools, which has enabled him to attend a prestigious public speaking workshop in Washington DC. Aidan had demonstrated a flair for public speaking and had competed at a national level in the UK, representing his school. Following the course, Aidan found that his confidence and skills as a public speaker have improved greatly.

Supporting Promising Dance Students

We were delighted to be able to offer support to two young dancers in need of a helping hand with their final examinations. Owen and Alice were put forward for funding by their dance teacher, who felt they had real potential to compete however they didn’t have the funds for their training and examinations. Their teacher applied to the Trust on their behalf and we were pleased to support Owen and Alice in their dancing ambition. Following the grant, we were delighted to learn that both students passed their examinations with flying colours.

Providing Funding to Advance the Careers of Young Women

Helping Hands has provided funding for courses directed at helping female students excel in the workplace. These courses aim to encourage vital skills for female students in their final year at the School and give practical advice and guidance about different working environments and how best and to succeed within them.

Overseas Funding

Supporting the Shangri-La Children’s Home

In 2009, we were fortunate to be provided with a unique opportunity to assist in the funding for the establishment of a children’s home in Nepal. The Shangri-La Children’s Home aimed to take nine orphaned or abandoned children off the streets in a small town in Nepal and to offer them a roof over their heads as well as provide them with an education, life skills and – most importantly – a family. Since 2009, Helping Hands Trust has not only funded the ongoing costs of this project but has also paid for vocational training to teach the children in the home a variety of skills that will prepare them for independence once they reach 16 years of age and move out of the home. Helping Hands has also been able to fund an extension to the home, which has enabled a further four children to benefit from the home’s shelter, educational opportunities and care.

Sending Aid to a Romanian Orphanage

In 2009, Helping Hands was able to assist in funding a trip to a Romanian orphanage with vital supplies to help the children living there. The supplies included important medical equipment as well as furniture, all of which was shipped over to the region by a group of local volunteers.

Areas of Need

Areas of Need

Helping Hands Trust aims to help as many young people as it can, however like all charities our resources are not infinite and so we must exercise strict guidelines on our funding criteria in order to assure both that we achieve our aims and that donations of financial support reach those who most need it.

Eligibility for Funding is based firmly on our charities objects:

The relief of persons suffering as a result of financial hardship, sickness, disability and/or distress, or who are otherwise in need, in particular those resident in the United Kingdom, and the advancement of education and achievement of such persons; and such other charitable purposes for the benefit of those resident in the United Kingdom, as the Trustees shall, in their absolute discretion, decide.

If you would like to apply for funding to Helping Hands Trust please view our examples of work to date under the Our Work section of our website; this may help you to determine whether we are likely to be able to offer you any funding support.

All relevant and appropriate funding requests are fully considered by our Board of Trustees before a decision is made. If you would like to put forward an application for funding, please send a full outline of your request, together with supporting statements from relevant professionals where appropriate, to


What We Do

What we do

Helping Hands Trust was established in 2008 as a way to reach out and help people in need or suffering from hardship in the UK and overseas, with a particular focus on young people.  The founding Trustee is Michael Dwan, Managing Partner of the Equity Solutions Group.

Since establishment the Trust has been able to support many people in lots of ways. Most importantly, we have been able to reach out to children from all types of backgrounds that are suffering or in need due to financial hardship, sickness, disability or distress. In both small and significant ways, we have been able to make a difference in their lives and improve their opportunities.

We believe strongly in mentorship and especially in working with young people to improve their personal opportunities, goals and aspirations. Consequently, our work focuses on enabling or advancing learning and key life skills in the young people that we work with. Our aim is always to improve their quality of life and to help them create a positive outlook for their future.

Helping Hands also works in unison with schools to offer support to students in many different ways.


Helping Hands Trust works with young people in need to help advance their educational and personal achievements. We work both in the UK and overseas to try to make a difference in people’s lives in small or large ways and to improve their opportunities.

We believe in ‘mentorship’ and we have worked closely with schools to help students achieve the best of their ability.

The Trust is also a founding sponsor of an emerging multi-chain academy trust – Bright Tribe Trust.

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